How We test

Bluetooth headsets are essential for many people, particularly for driving while talking on the phone, in the absence of hands-free Bluetooth built into their car. Therefore, we meticulously test Bluetooth headsets both in the   Techionos Lab  and real-world conditions. Our testing process includes the following aspects:

Call Quality

We conduct various calls to live individuals and answering machines to evaluate how well the conversations sound on both ends. We assess indoor and outdoor volume levels and how well voices are audible in different scenarios.


We attempt to connect headsets to different models of cell phones from multiple wireless carriers. We test how easy it is to pair and re-pair with various devices and if the headset pairs automatically.


We test the range of Bluetooth headsets to determine how much speech quality is affected as distance increases. We walk 60 paces in a straight line away from the phone while talking into an answering machine


We check if the headset offers more than one fit option and evaluate how comfortable it is using the provided earpieces.

Battery Life

We test the battery life of the headset by connecting it to a phone that plays an infinite-loop recording of a book being read aloud. We attach a microphone to the headset and let it run until the headset runs out of battery

Stereo Features

We evaluate stereo Bluetooth headsets’ media playback and call features by playing high-quality music from both a computer and a mobile phone. We check how the headset handles transitions between songs and incoming calls


We test for features like redial and voice dialing via a long press of the headset button. We also assess any additional control features available on the phone, such as built-in voice commands

We pay close attention to how transmissions sound in noisy areas and evaluate the headset’s noise cancellation abilities. We test the headset in at least one noisy situation like a noisy city street, a windy area, or a car being driven with the window down


We compare the headset’s reception quality in two different positions of the phone in our hand in front of us and inside a back pocket. We test if putting our body between the phone and the headset affects the signal quality